Michelle and I!
Michelle and I!

I grew up on the sunny island of Singapore and it has always been my dream to travel overseas and see the world. When i was 21, i went to Japan for the first time and i then decided that i would come here to live for some time in the future because i want to stay here longer than a tourist!

After i graduated from university, i worked for nearly two years and saved up a sum of money. I then decided to leave for Japan in April 2013 because:

  1. Age is catching up on me and i’m going into my mid-20s now (quarter-life crisis!)
  2. I should brush up my spoken Japanese because I’m really bad at it

Well, since i have a good job and very good bosses, i applied for a year of unpaid leave and set off on my own, bringing with me the well-wishes of my family and friends! I had arranged for a 6-month study course in Okayama city because i had planned to do a homestay with a Japanese family that i had known since 3 years ago from a homestay program i had attended during university.

Update: I left Japan for a cruise ship job and has been traveling since.

This blog serves to record my feelings and adventures and reflections of my trip!No harsh comments please, because i don’t need any judgement from anyone. 🙂

You may post questions in the comment box and i will reply them there! I hope you enjoy reading my posts.

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