My Life as a Helper-san (Part 1: House)

It has been almost a week since i came back to Singapore.

My 2 months in Hokkaido flew by really fast…! Well, a lot of people were curious about what i did while i was there so i thought I’ll give you a little intro to the inn that i went to and a little insight on the life of a helper-san.

Let’s take a little tour around the inn.

The carpark

Andro (dog) and his house

Firewood stacked neatly outside front door.

Entering the front door..

Walking to the dining area

Dining area












Bench area attached to the dining space

Going down the corridor…

The wash basins on the left. The door on the right is the female toilet.

Room ‘Chamomile’. Japanese style tatami room

Room ‘Borage’. ボリジ  Dormitory room.

Moving up to level 2..

Room ‘Sakuranbo’. Twin room with outdoor terrace attached.

You can see stars from this room!!

Outdoor terrace

A common area at level 2 with huge collection of manga and novels.

Room ‘Sumomo’. Single room tatami style

Well, the rooms are all not shown here. We were cleaning up after the guests had checked out so i only managed to take those that have been cleaned. By the way, i clean all the rooms on 2nd floor!!

Going up this flight of stairs would lead to the helpers’ floor. It’s the attic actually.

I shall not disclose our sleeping area cos i think it would be quite rude to Mayu-chan since she’s sharing the space as well.

But you can imagine it yourself… it’s the part of the house just right under the slanted roof.

Now to the outside…

Walking to the backyard..

Nao-san and Mayu-chan working hard at the ‘house’

Mayu-chan hard at work!

Andro (pronounced as AN-DO-RO) eating whatever fertilizer that we throw onto the soil

The fertilizer is actually mochi rice flour… And also the husk from the brown rice.

looking out from the ‘house’..

Our new halloween deco!!

Smiley mayu-chan

So here’s the introduction to the place that have kindly put me up for the past 2 months. It’s a really great house!! (it’s huge and warm)

Actually no matter how good the house is, if the people there wasn’t welcoming to me, i wouldn’t have had such a good experience. I really must thank Nao-san, Kazu-san, Mizuki-chan, Mayu-chan and all the guests that have made my stay memorable here. A pity that I left in a hurry on the day i depart so i didn’t manage to take any photo with the family on THAT day but i took plenty throughout the 2 months.

My work consisted of helping out in the mornings and evenings for meals and housekeeping and we have the afternoons off. So i woke up every morning at 6.30 am and start work at 7. Housekeeping starts right after we have taken our breakfast and tidied up the kitchen and ends at about 11+. Usually we have lunch at home or we eat out sometimes and then it’s free time alllll the wayyy.
Work resumes at either 4pm or 6pm and Mayu-chan and i rotate our shifts. Our evening usually ends at about 9pm for the first shift or 9.30-10 for the second shift.

It’s hard work cleaning, i must say. But all i gotta say it’s one of the most satisfying jobs i have ever done in my entire life.

Stay tune for Part 2: Meals!!!

Btw, in case you’re wondering why i stopped posting pictures of myself on this blog, it’s cos i gained like at least 3-4kg throughout my stay here. I’m too well-fed so my face kinda bloated up like a pig and i thought i looked hideous on pictures. -.-



















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