Ukishima Shitsugen (浮島湿原)

The weather was superrrr fine one day that we just HAD to go out if not we would feel we wasted our time.

That day, we had Hashimoto-san staying with us so the 6 of us went out together! Hashimoto-san runs a business hotel in Tokyo which i think is doing quite well and has quite a reputation.

The pictures turn out really great that day so i have lots to show!!

Hashimoto-san, Mayu-chan

The nature was too serene. I played girl’s generation’s new song Galaxy Supernova while walking. HAHAHA.

Well, there was a signboard that says beware of bears so i thought the song could replace the bell to scare them away.

End up,  Mayu-chan and i were humming to the song! LOL

Hashimoto-san’s pose!

The trees are just too pretty, i just keep snapping away!!

Then we took a hike up the waterfall area near Sounkyou (層雲峡) where there was momiji everywhere.

The forest was so green, i thought it would be a nice place to shoot an mv or something.

And then we lunched at this cosy little cottage cafe – Mitsumata Sansou (三股山荘).

The weather was really good!

Log cabin furnishing.

My Lunch

Mayu-chan’s lunch

Dessert – Pumpkin chiffon cake and Pear cheesecake

After that we drove off to somewhere and i slept all the way throughout until we reached someplace with a panoramic view.

Home sweet home.

See what’s for dinner!!!

Genghis khan….. !!!!

Mayu-chan trying to disturb me




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