Autumn Leaves

I have never understood the idea of enjoying the autumn leaves.

So, what do you exactly do in order to enjoy the autumn leaves? C’mon, it’s just leaves on trees turning red, that’s all.

This, coming from a Singaporean who has lived her entire 24 years of life in an evergreen city where leaves just turn yellow and fall off.

On the other hand, Japanese people are rather into autumn-leaf viewing. They call it 紅葉(kouyou) which translates into red leaves. Nao-san is one example of someone who super loves kouyou.

One fine day, three of us, Nao-san, Kazu-san and i went to Bougakudai (望岳台) and Hakuginsou (白銀荘)onsen. Nao-san and i thought that we needed some exercise so the two of us hiked a little from Bougakudai to the onsen. Man, it was really long…… I slipped once. HAHA and crossed a river. Gosh. I mean i jumped across a river.

Alright, some photos of autumn leaves!

Random couple in foreground. Look at the autumn leaves!

I climbed past this huge boulder!!

See the difference between lava-covered and non-lava-covered mountain

You could tell she would roll on the autumn leaves if she could. Check out her smile!



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