Asahiyama Zoo

This post is gonna be about my visit to the famous Asahiyama Zoo!!!

Apparently this zoo is a very popular place to work in as told to me by Mayu-chan. It’s like among the top few zoos in Japan.

Alright, i just have to spam some zoo pictures now.

Orang Utan asking for food

Orang Utan asking for food AGAIN


Orang Utan’s son gets food


Super cute owl which i dunno its name

Sleeping fox.


My companions for the day – Mayu-chan & Occhan


I remember that day after seeing the seals, i told Mayu-chan that i suddenly have a craving for sausage.

Seals during ‘Mogu Mogu’ time (feeding time)


Grizzly bear. I think.

I’m guessing this is a puma.

Spot the snow wolves!

Story behind the wolves

Actually i kinda pity the wolves because they are always the bad guys in stories. Poor wolves… can never shake off their bad reputation.

But they are actually kinda cool to me.

Alright, end of zoo outing! Actually it was a pretty short visit but i remembered the 3 of us were all pretty tired cos it’s huge! We didn’t go to all parts of the zoo due to time and energy constraints. Some days later, a HK couple at the inn told us about the train ride in the zoo which is super cute because the seats were all decorated like animals. So it’s like while you’re sitting on a polar bear’s lap in the train with all the fur and it’s head right behind your head! Haha… even Mayu-chan didn’t even know about this train thing!


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