Lunchtime Outings

I usually try to go out during my time off in the afternoons IF the weather is good because if you don’t, you’ll just feel like you have wasted your time away while you could have used it better in some other way.

There are regulars of the inn who keep coming back and I’m gonna bring up 2 characters in this post – Occhan and Horie-san. Occhan (pronounced as Ochan with a short abrupt ‘O’) is around 67 years old if i remember correctly and has been coming back here in the last 20 over years. He feels like he is already part of the family. He speaks in Kansai dialect and sometimes i have a really hard time figuring out what he is talking about. But after getting to know him better, we exchange speech in mixed english, kansai dialect and normal Japanese. Quite cool, eh?

BTW, Occhan is a rider-san (pronounced Rye-daa san). He rides a Harley Davidson motorbike and dons his leather jacket. You can never guess his age in this outfit!

On this day, Occhan, Horie-san and I went out for lunch and visited Ningle Terrace and went to the onsen at Hakuginsou (白銀荘).

Genghis Khan = mutton

Occhan feels like my grandfather.

Ningle Terrace

There’s a reason why this place is called the Ningle terrace. Ningle is actually adopted from the Ainu language which means tiny people or something.

The height of a Ningle is 15cm tall.

houses are mostly handicraft shops. No photography is allowed inside the shop!

Occhan & Horie-san

heavy rain

Ningle terrace is a place with quaint wooden cottages which mostly sells handicrafts and souvenirs. It’s a really nice place to visit if you’re looking for something to get as a present!


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