My Mixed Feelings towards Yama Nobori

Within a month of staying here in Biei, i have gone mountain climbing for four times – – ->  which averages to a mountain a week! However, to say that i love this activity is rather…. untrue. BUT i don’t hate it either. Hence, i’m gonna explain my ambivalent feelings towards yama nobori (山登り) in this post.

Yama no. 1 – Tokachidake (十勝岳)

I’m not gonna boast and claim that i have gone to the peak of this mountain. It’s the first time i have ever done this so it was a killer for me. I called it ‘jigoku’ which essentially means hell. I have only gone up to about this far before another 20-30 minutes to the peak. However, the scenery was nice enough up till this point.

BTW, this is an active volcano. There is another active crater which is beside this hollow crater that has erupted.

You can read more about my experience here.

Seriously, everlasting memory here.

Yama no.2 – Akadake (赤岳)

My 2nd climb just 2 days after Tokachidake. Relatively much easier mountain with a muddier path. Just have to be careful of slippery slopes.

Advancing towards the autumn leaves


Akadake is one of the mountains in the Daisetsuzan mountain range (大雪山)and there are other mountains named by color such as Kurodake, Midoridake and so on. We picked the one nearest to us on that day so we decided on Akadake.

It was my first time seeing a mountain glacier and we ate lunch next to it. HAHA

Yama no.3 – Furanodake (富良野岳)

This is of course, in Furano. Actually we didn’t really scaled this mountain. We just needed some exercise and so we only took a hike up for an hour or so.

But the autumn leaves were awesome!

how bright and sunny it was!

eating hamburgers

Occhan laughing while eating hamburger. Occhan is a regular at the inn.

Lunch from ‘PICNIC’

Great view, great weather, great food, great people = Happiness

Yama no.4 – Mokotoyama (藻琴山)

Last and my most recent climb and i’m proud to say that i managed to continue until the top! (Though it really is quite short)

Shrouded in mist

Really misty when we reached the mountain. A shot at the carpark.

Slippery muddy ground due to the damp weather.

‘Yatsuhashi, anybody?’ (Nao-san)

Nearly the peak!


The sky was all white. We couldn’t even see a single speck of blue. We couldn’t see any clouds too so i guess we were already among them. The feeling was quite surreal.

Btw, I hit my head twice against the branches above me during this climb. There were times when i had to grab the surrounding tree branches with my bare hands because the slope was too steep and the ground was slippery. I also had to climb over some huge boulders in order to get to the peak. But all in all, it was still relatively easier than Tokachidake.

I do not love mountain climbing but i can do it for the sake of joining in as a group activity or treat it as some form of weight-loss exercise. However, i do like the feeling of finishing something memorable but still the feeling of slipping off the ground sucks that’s why i conclude that i can never be a ‘Yama-onna’.







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