What am i doing here?

Many people asked me what am i doing in Japan.

Well, here are the answers to save me the trouble of repeating it again and again.

1. I went to a language school in Japan and tried to live out my own exhange experience as a student which i missed it during my university time. So, no regrets. Hehe

2. To see if i can stay alive by living alone in a foreign land in the countryside. I survived, so yes, i can!

3. To travel and see the world while i still can do so freely without any burden and commitments.

4. To get it clear in my head that what exactly do i need to be happy in life and whether I was in the right job.

5. Experience the things that many people usually do not experience and also eventually experience the things that everyone usually experiences. Eg. roam the world freely, be a nomad, do work exchange etc. & eg. find someone, get married and settle down etc.

6. Find the answers in life that i have been seeking.

7. Lastly and most important reason of all




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