I’m Back!

Hello everyone, i didn’t think it was THAT long since i last wrote something here. Well this was what happened:

1. My skin got worse ever since the natsu matsuri. It was so bad i just had to fly back to Singapore to seek treatment.

2. On the morning of 4th August, i booked a flight back home and also my room for the night. I said bye bye to my bunk mate, Kelly and i just left for Kansai on that day. I took a long ride via the airport limo bus (about 3hrs+) to Kansai.

3. Okay, it’s my birthday and looking like that on my birthday totally sucks. I had to move around in a mask and it feels horrible. I checked into a business hotel nearby the airport and i went to a supermarket to get some food.

4. My birthday didn’t entirely sucked because i spent the night replying to well-wishes from my lovely friends and also googling about my disease. Haha

5. On the morning of 5th August, i finally boarded the flight and touched down back home in the late afternoon.

This is my first feeling when i came home:


Distance definitely make the hearts closer.

I really wanted to drink bubble tea but i settled for starbucks instead because i was too lazy to walk to the other terminal.

Green Tea Frappe (with no whipped cream, soy base, less sweet)

The next day i was referred to a skin specialist by my GP and i went to see Dr Ang from Dermatology Associates at the Paragon. Dr Ang told me that i had a case of eczema. I was shocked! Like how the hell did i get it? It was really nasty and i considered a feat for me to get to Orchard without a mask. Alright, she prescribed me some antibiotics and topical medication.

Back home, my dad concocted some TCM herbal drink and i just forced it down my throat. That night, my skin got much better. I’m not lying! I got even better the next day. I keep a photo diary of every 4 days. Now i’m like just down to the last few zits on my face.

Alright, i shall describe a bit about my time here in Sg.

My first singaporean meal!

Ban Mian

I had this for breakfast the next day with my dad. I can’t believe how much i missed it! Anyway, i also realized my stomach has gotten much smaller ever since i came back. I could only finish half of this when prior to my trip, my nickname was ‘kuishinbo’ (食いしん坊) which means someone who eats a lot.

Some other foods i ate (which i remembered to take a photo of):

Watermelon with grass jelly dessert

Marble slab ice cream

I also got to visit my twin nieces who was born right after i left for Japan!

My baby twin nieces!

You will never appreciate Singapore’s heat until you get to go to Japan in the summer. I always hated Singapore’s weather but now i learnt that i have taken for granted everything that is here until i left. I remember i always told my foreigner friends that the weather here sucks. I’m eating my words now. Even though it’s hot, i have never bothered so much with carrying an umbrella out on the streets and having UV protection all over my body but i’m practically baked alive in Okayama out on the street without an umbrella.

Yes, Singaporeans we have to be thankful for everything here, even our all-year summer.

And as i’m here writing, i can’t emphasize how thankful i am for being able to come back here and for my friends who have been constantly keeping in touch with me. The truth is, i am physically not here, but pyschologically i am still as close to my friends back in Singapore. We whatsapp, we LINE, we Skype.

I thank technology for making all this possible.

Next week i’m flying back to Hokkaido to fulfill my promise i made towards helping the pension house there. I thank them for their generosity in letting me fly back here and be a month late for their peak season.

I SERIOUSLY AM LUCKY. I might not have made it till now because there’s so much possibility in things that could happen. But i made it.

To all the people that have played a part in my life,





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