Natsu Matsuri (夏祭り)

Due to a huge unexpected turn of events, i was able to stay behind in Okayama to attend the annual fireworks display which was an integral part of the Natsu Matsuri (summer festival) in Japan. I was also very lucky to be invited by Fumina, my Japanese friend whom i got to know recently to watch the fireworks display together. 🙂

At this time, i was bunking in with Chu Chu and Kelly, my two chinese classmates who were so kind enough to take me in after i had returned my apartment. Fumina asked if i would like to wear a traditional yukata to the festival and of course i said yes! I mean each time i visited Japan, it was during winter so i had absolutely no way of going to the hanabi taikai (花火大会), much less in a yukata!

So on the actual day, Fumina came over with a set of her own yukata (goldfish prints) for me and makeup set etc. and dolled me up for the event!

my matsuri hairdo

stylist: Fumina

Me and Fumina

Alright, i can explain about the mask. I didn’t have a cold nor a flu, i just had very bad allergy reaction on my skin that day. It was so bad i shall describe what happened in a separate post.

Look at my yukata! Isn’t it cute? I mean the goldfish.. (laughs)

As i walked on the streets, i tried to find another person who wore the same design as me but everyone else wore flowers and i think I’m probably the only one who wore animals! Okay, i find that pretty cool.

Along the way, i passed by some gyaru in their gyaru-style yukata. In case you were wondering what that means, they wore the yukata in this way:

Even though it makes them look promiscuous, i must admit they that exude a kind of aura which turn heads wherever they go. The group that i saw even revealed some part of a tattoo on their chests.

The place of the hanabi taikai was swarmed with people (as crowded as NDP in Singapore) and many people brought mats to sit on (which feels like picnic) or people just lined the bridges. There were many makeshift food stalls selling food but the queue will ultra-long so in the end i only managed to eat ‘cheeseball’ which to my surprise, was really good! It’s something like cheese in starch balls but it’s chewy. Oh, and it’s fried so not exactly healthy.

Some great fireworks display:

The whole fireworks display lasted for about 1hr 30mins so simply put, i was too busy ‘Woahhhhhh-ing’ that i couldn’t be bothered to snap so many pictures. Oh well, you get the idea. 🙂


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