5 Powerful Ways to Boost Your Self-Esteem Instantly

It’s practically impossible to live our everyday in super high self-confidence because, let’s admit it, we all have our downtime. I was having a bad time with my allergy reaction on my skin and it just took a toll my self-esteem very much that’s why i came up this short and sweet article. I hope it helps! 🙂

1. Get the right mirror


The mirror reflects how you see yourself. If you think you’re fat, your mirror shows you’re fat. So… get a mirror that makes you look skinnier! You will definitely feel better about yourself when changing into your outfits. My friend has this magic mirror that makes me look model-like and it’s no wonder i just want to look at myself more and felt better about my own body after coming out of her room. Even if you have no qualms about your own body, stare at yourself and smile!

2. Join a webchat/ chatting app


Strangers say the nicest things. Believe it or not, the distance between you and a stranger often lets you hear the most wonderful thing about yourself (of course, usually based on the photo you upload of yourself). Even if you’re not serious on knowing anyone, hearing people talk about how good you look in that dress or with that smile on your face, it can really do wonders to your mood that day. It just never hurts to hear more compliments about yourself.

3. Talk to your close friends


There was a time when i felt really insecure about myself like i wonder how other people could grow to like me and have me as a friend. So one day, i approached a bestie and i started asking them what they liked about me. I wrote down each of the good points about myself and i started to ponder the instances which i really behaved in that way. I needed a reminder of who i really was and it felt good to come from someone i trust so that i know that they are being honest with me. Sometimes the people who knows you best are just not yourself.

4. Get out


Unless you’re like me who can do something productive like this (blogging) in the comfort of your house, you should really get outside for some fresh air and have a nice afternoon tea at a nice chillax cafe with yourself. The more you cooped yourself up, the more you will feel you lack social life and the more you will want to keep to yourself. If people stares at you, tell yourself you must be really pretty that you’re getting all the attention!

5. Make yourself useful


Do something! Like a good deed to someone be it donating to charity, volunteering an afternoon at a library reading to kids, helping out with your menial chores etc. Making yourself feel useful to someone is a sure way of regaining some confidence you lost. Why? Because a word of ‘thanks’ or words of appreciation can make an individual feel like they have made a difference to someone’s lives and therefore it is an empowering act. Beside, you could also expand your social circle by meeting more like-minded individuals.

Source of Images: google images


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