End of School Party + Surprise!

Yay!!! It’s finally summer holiday and no more school!!

On Friday, we had the term closing ceremony in the hall and i was sorry to be 10 mins late. But the entire thing only lasted for 20 mins! (I had to walk for 15 mins to the train station, take a 10 mins train ride and then walk 5 mins to the school…)


Okay, so this was how the ceremony looked like.

In the hall.

Actually it’s gonna be my last day of school in here but i didn’t tell everybody…. Just not good with goodbyes. But it’s good i managed to take some photos with my classmates.

Me, You Sei-rei san and Tou Ei-teki san

Me and You Sei-rei san

Saito-sensei (my form teacher) and I

If you’re wondering why my friends have names that sound like this, it’s actually because that is how their name sounds like in Japanese. They’re Chinese actually. Very kind people!!

In the evening, we met Ai-san and we are gonna have a end-of-school party!! So we got pizza.


I was very surprised when Ai-san turned up with balloons and… a CAKE!!!

My Princess Birthday cake

Alright… So it was a surprise birthday party for me after all!!!

*gasp* my prezzie!! from Sunghee and Ai-san ❤

And let the birthday feast start..!


Wine with cheese….!

The cake is too pretty to cut. At first I suggested that each of us take a fork and dig in at the same time but our soft hearts just cannot bear to ruin such a masterpiece. In the end, Sunghee handed me a knife and asked me to do it.

So I did it like this.

Up till now, i still feel bad cutting it up like this. Oh man, this is what you get for eating something too beautiful!

But we had so much fun that night.

Thank you!! ❤

By the way, it wasn’t my real birthday that day. They just celebrated in advance for me because they won’t be around me then.

I love my friends!! <3<3<3


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