Hair Shopping

The summer is getting too intense for me to bear. Sorry hair, i just gotta let you go.

Meanwhile, i just gotta find a shorter, prettier version of you.

I just googled how to choose a suitable hairstyle and this are the points that came up:


with reference to WikiHow

  1. Determine your face shape – i think I’m between a round and an oval?? I always have difficulty here.
  2. Determine your hair texture- Err, i think i have thin hair with silky texture
  3. Playing up your strengths- Hmm, i have big eyes but no thanks to bangs for now.
  4. Cover flaws- I just wanna make my face look smaller!
  5. Think about maintenance – super low maintenance please.
  6. Add some colour – i prefer it natural!

… So the conclusion is

“If you have thin hair with a silky texture, avoid wearing it in a long, blunt style that can make you look childish. Instead, favor volume-creating layers and try a shorter cut that hits at your shoulders or above. Never blunt cut bangs, and opt instead for a side swept look.”  – WikiHow

Okay, i just made an appointment with a hair salon via hotpepper beauty japan and i used all my points so my haircut is so much cheaper now!! Whoopee

Some hair that i would like to try:

Image Source: google images & hotpepper beauty japan

Which hair do you think rocks the most?

Actually i kinda like wavy hair but i know my hair doesn’t hold the perm well because it’s too soft. I’m not trying to brag or anything but i tried perming twice and all of my friends didn’t even know i did a perm after like 2-3 weeks. It’s that bad. And, i didn’t do a cheap perm and i didn’t go to a cheap salon. It’s THAT bad.

Anyway, i’m really looking forward to a new hairstyle now since the heat is killing me and i’m also sick and tired of my long hair. It’s good to have long hair to do braids BUT i can’t do it on myself. I can only do a simple sideway plait (the easiest one). How i wish i could do waterfall braids and stuff like that! I know it’s not difficult but to do it on yourself own head, IT’S DIFFICULT!

Oh wells, my hair grows pretty fast so i guess it’s alright. You shall see me with long hair again in December? Haha i guess. I might be too lazy to get a haircut so soon.



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