Artisan bread shop discovered in rural Soja city of Okayama prefecture! You cannot imagine how exhilarated i was to be able to eat something like this again.

My friend Sunghee and i arrived at this place at around 2-3pm in the afternoon and most of the breads were already close to selling out. Earlier on, Ai-san had told us about this place when we told her we are gonna go explore the city one day after school. And we didn’t expect that we could find a shop as fashionable as this as we went to a more rural side of the prefecture where there are plenty of agricultural fields.

The signature bread of the bakery was actually… Bagels.But of course, at this time all the bagels were sold out so we didn’t get to buy any.

All the bread are freshly baked by stone ovens. When we opened the door, we could already smell them. The aroma of freshly baked bread..

Just a couple of sandwiches of each type remaining for the day. I had trouble figuring out which to try for lunch. In the end, i went for Cuban sandwich.

There were no seating at the shop so the staff told us we could go to a cafe opposite and sit and chill with some coffee and also park our car there.

Witches Cafe. Sounds cool but no link to the bakery’s name though, haha.

Bright cheery interior of Witches cafe

Lazy chill-out at Witches cafe. With Sunghee


Cuban sandwich.

This ain’t as easy as it looks. It’s crispy on the outside, toasted to perfection and fluffy on the inside. The layers of turkey ham and bacon wrapped in cheese just melts in my mouth. I’m salivating as I’m thinking of it… Oh, i forgot to mention that ice blended cuppucino. Nothing fits better than this on a hot sunny 38 degrees afternoon.

Sunflower bed discovered!

We were looking for the kokubunji shrine when we saw this just outside.

I just love sunflowers. No matter how you look at it, the colour just cheers you up.

And of course, the Kokubunji shrine of Soja city.

I’m sorry that i haven’t been updating much because i was having exams for the past 2 days. Next week i’ll be moving again! So, there’s more stuff coming up. 🙂


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