Afternoon Tea

To relax – this was another reason why i came to Japan.

Sometimes we just get so caught up in life that we sometimes forgot we should just take a breather and have some tea. Why not just grab some friends and have a tea party this weekend?

Here are some wonderful tea party ideas:


At your place/ someone’s place

In the garden

Under a tree

What you need:

Suggested Decor

Lots of floral arrangements!

Vintage tea ware

More tea ware

Tea ware with silver lining

Ribbons and bows

Wooden rustic furniture

Pretty labels like those you see in Alice in Wonderland

Tea cup placement decor

And the most important of all… FOOD.

Think scones, petit-fours, cupcakes, macaroons, tartlets, cute biscuits, cookies, cold deli sandwiches… Mmmm, heaven.

Cakes and finger sandwiches on 3 tier stands

Not forgetting a good brew.

What to wear:

Think florals, pastels and shimmer!

My favourite all-time outfit:

Alright, see you again! Thanks for reading ❤

Image source: Pinterest
Design: Leanne

Source of all images: Pinterest


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