Interesting Zakka

雑貨。I don’t know if you have ever came across this word when you go to Japan or get in touch with something Japanese. But the first time i saw this word, i didn’t know what it meant and then later i found out that it actually meant a WHOLE LOT of things.

Yep, you google it and you’ll know that it means MISCELLANEOUS GOODS.

Some are REALLY interesting.


‘jellyfish lights’

Bulldoze your food away

Blood? Nah, it’s energy drink

Don’t your fruits look fresh with these??


Who says the pool is only meant for swimming?

Interesting bag this girl has.. i wonder what’s inside

No longer have to worry about your baguette falling out of the grocery bag.

Never have to juggle your cookies and milk anymore

interesting iphone cover

Always feel like you’re in your own garden.

Baguette leggings, anyone?

Never misplace your documents with this binder clip document bag

Interesting paper bag idea

Egg case for storing baby socks

Never feel blue on rainy days with this!

Get your hotdog bun fast with this.

Now that’s what i call fixing breakfast fast.

You don’t have to be Neil Armstrong to play on the moon now. – Moon rug –

Broken mug can still be drunk from.

This is what i call a shot glass.

Scooter pizza-cutter

Make peace with this couple-sharing cup

Now you can find out whether your wrist has gotten thicker. -measuring tape watch –

Campfire lamp

Now you can ditch your toothbrush mug.

Make homework a little more interesting with this.

Sometimes you just need a wrestler to do the job.

I hope you don’t get attacked by hungry people when you camp with this. – sandwich tent –

Sleep like a log with this.

‘Food chemistry’ – salt & pepper shakers –

Click here for Source

I think some of these make really good gifts for friends and couples don’t you think???

Alright, that’s about it. See you next time!


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