Going Organic

Recently, I’ve jumped onto the organic bandwagon!

I know it’s a little slow and this organic thing has already happened like years ago. (But hey, c’mon, i can’t even afford an organic lipstick years ago alright.)

So last week, i was walking around with Ai-san and Sunghee in the mall and i was kinda looking for a foundation that could free me from my oil-slick face in this unusually hot summer. I asked Ai-san which cosmetics are acne-prone skin people like me most suitable for? Organic was the answer and then we just happened to pass by this shop – Cosmekitchen

This shop sells organic bath and shower, makeup and skincare products that are not easily found everywhere in Japan. Seriously, i knew NOTHING about organic except that it’s chemical-free and farmers don’t use harmful fertilizers and stuff along that line. But i have never thought further about eating organic food or using organic cosmetics because to me, it doesn’t matter. That was THEN. When i still had perfect flawless skin. But now, i have troubled skin so i really want to do the best i can in order to improve it.

And so this was how i began my frantic research on organic makeup and what it does for your skin and stuff.

And oh my, it does hurt your pocket.

I went into the shop and i tried on every single powdered foundation and eventually this was what i settled on:

Naturaglace, a Japanese organic cosmetics brand which is also the best seller in the shop! I also found out that this brand is only available in Japan and Hong Kong and I’m not sure you could get them elsewhere.

And, ain’t the colours just make it look sooooo delicious??

(photo credit: openers.jp)

Organic Item no. 1: Naturaglace Foundation Tarte

ファンデーショントルテ (Foundation tarte)

I didn’t get more because i’m not sure how this well go with my skin in the long term.

BUT in just 3 days it has become my HG product!

I’m not a cosmetic junkie and i don’t wear makeup very much so i don’t think i’m in a good position to provide an unbiased review on this product.

What i can say is that it’s is really smooth (SUPER, actually) on your skin, can even out skin tone and it covered my acne scars pretty well. I think this product is really worth getting if you’re in Japan!! I walked around in the sun for the whole afternoon and i didn’t blot my face since morning and it lasted pretty well and just a slight shine on the nose area. And because it’s chemical-free, i’m not worried that it would clog my pores and stuff. You can easily wash them off with soap! <3<3<3

Organic Item no. 2: Oro Bailen Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I have been reading a lot on what olive oil does to your skin too. I’m surprised it’s actually that useful!

It might sound ridiculous to apply oil to oily skin because end up, your face will just look like a well-oiled pan that is ready to fry an egg?But no, as ridiculous as it might sound, extra virgin olive oil is actually loaded with Vitamins A and E which helps repairs skin that has been damaged by pollutants in the air and harsh chemicals that you use in your cleansing regime everyday.

And so i bought a really good 100ml bottle online and it came today!! (YAY!)

I’m gonna try and blog about it if it’s really that good!

I bought this brand because i checked the world olive oil ranking and this came in the 7th place (which means it’s also not cheap for just 100ml). I also read that if you want to use olive oil on your face, it’s best to use the purest one and those made in Spain so that’s why i chose to buy this.

Organic Item no. 3: Country Farm Muesli

Last week, Sunghee and I intended to get some Doritos at a nearby store that sells imported foods. We were each holding a bag of chips when we walked past the breakfast cereal corner and we stopped to take a look at them. Then Sunghee started narrating how she managed to lose a lot of weight before her wedding by eating oats everyday. I was very much taken in by her story and we ended up putting back the Doritos and getting the muesli because we suddenly got fired up to eat healthy!

And so i got this:

I have been eating it everyday with yogurt and soy milk for a week now. And sometimes i’m so lazy to cook, i just eat this for dinner.

I don’t know if it’s me or something else, but i can better control my hunger pangs now in the morning and i no longer reach out for snacks that much anymore. I used to eat kit kats, meat jerky, breads during 10 min breaks in between classes but now i can totally do without it.

Anyway, at just 750g, this packet of muesli has lasted me for pretty long because i probably eat only 1/4 cup per meal with yogurt. It’s a really calorie-dense food so if you’re eating too much of this, you will not lose any weight!

Hopefully i can move at least a little nearer to this:

photo credit: everydei.wordpress.com

…  Still a long way to go.  >.<


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