Sun, Sand and Sea!

Sun, sand and sea! What better words can i use to describe this place?

The 3 of us (Sunghee, Ai-san, me) went to the beach just now! (Despite the 35°C temperature outside)

This was a really dream-come-true for me because summer = beach but Okayama is situated far too inland so it’s not easy to find a beach. The “sea” that you see here is actually Seto-inland sea and we’re at Tamano city in Okayama prefecture. The name of this beach is called Shibukawa Kaisui Yokujou (渋川海水浴場).

Wait. That’s not all.

Lunch. We had KFC!!! Like finally.
Do you how hard is it to find a KFC in this city? To speak the truth, the number is quite low and today is probably the 2nd time in my entire time here since April that i spotted a KFC. Well, anyway last week Sunghee and I had a huge craving for fried chicken and we kinda freaked out when we realized there were so few (globalized) fast food restaurants.

To think that i am already living in the most ‘city’ part of this city.

Alright,  let me share some fantastic photos from this wonderful beach!

Ai-san and Sunghee picks me up from school~

Destination Reached!

KFC chicken (from Heaven)

Sunghee went crazy upon seeing the sea

And Ai-san joined in.


Smiling but actually regrets not bringing her swim wear!! (HAHA)

I used Brown to cover the photo bomb guy behind us ( >.< )

“Jump!”  *SPLASH*

Analyzing how funny our shots were

Jellyfish spotted!

Sparkling jellyfish

Elementary/ Middle school students at training

End of Picnic

Comes ice!

That’s all for now! See ya!


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