Ai-san’s Birthday

A week ago, we celebrated Ai-san’s birthday!!

Sunghee invited me and Ai-san to her house for the birthday party bash.

Actually the 3 of us meet every week and we always have something like a girl’s gathering.

This time round, Sunghee actually whipped up quite a lot of good food for the party! Let’s see her in action:

“Tadaa! Samgyeopsa~!”

Frying the bacon asparagus and not forgetting to smile for camera

Bacon wrapped with asparagus by Chef Sunghee

Sunghee is from Korea and of cos she made the traditional seaweed soup (for birthdays) for Ai-san! (See below pic, bowl of dark coloured soup)

Our feast

The unagi is contributed by Masaya, the place where Ai-san works at and her boss gave us free unagi!! (for our help last time with his restaurant)


I can’t wait to get my hands on the food.

Did you spot the gold-coloured bottle? We drank some champagne that supposedly contained gold??? Actually i don’t know how this works but yea, it says it contains some gold mineral stuff inside. So we were like having our eyes stick to the champagne glasses that we’re holding and trying to spot the gold particles inside. (But yea, can’t see any though)

Well, anyway, me and Sunghee actually planned to surprise Ai-san with the cake when she left the house to retrieve the unagi.

So her face was like this when she saw the cake:

And then she blew her candle.

So now finally we can settle down to eat!!!

How could we miss out on a group photo?

Actually we had a lot more food after this meal, like Doritos, onion rings, egg tarts etc. so we were really stuffed. Ai-san even said she could go without food for the next 3 days. But me? Nah, probably just next morning. Haha

Then came the topic of summer.

Summer = Beach

But where the hell are the beaches near to us?? Then someone suggested going to the ‘desert’ in Tottori prefecture as there is sand and we can get to ride camels!! OMG how COOL is that. CAMELS. HAHA

Then Sunghee excitedly ran off and brought all her straw hats and handed one to each of us.

She said,


I just hope the weather would be alright!! Can’t wait to ride the camel.


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