Hiruzen Joyful Park (蒜山ジョイフルパーク)

This is gonna be my last outing with my host family because i have decided to move out and find a place of my own!!

Don’t get me wrong, i didn’t screw up my homestay or anything but it’s just that i feel like having the experience of living on my own as well since i never had the chance to do it in Singapore.

Actually Haruka suggested this trip and she really want me to come along because she wants to play with me more and so i did!

We went to Hiruzen Joyful Park which is an amusement park actually. It’s like a theme park on a high ground (something like genting in Malaysia?) but it definitely is not as crowded as Disneyland. (Yay!)

Great weather!

Hiruzen Kogen Centre sells all the souvenirs (omiyage) and the joyful park is a separate theme park.

By paying just ¥2,800 for a free pass, you can go for all the rides for unlimited times except for a few. Yoko had a discount voucher so i ended up paying much lesser!

There are quite a few attractions, if you are interested in the details, you can check it out here.

Anyway, this place is not very accessible by public transport so it’s best you arrive by car.

Pictures time!

Top view

This is just a part of the park. I managed to take this from the Hiruzen Tower (similar to Singapore Flyer). It moves super slow….


‘Round Pirates’

This ride is called ’round pirates’. Basically it’s just an easy ride where u just sit and the machine spins and you feel like you’re floating in the air. No kick. (HA!)

Beaming Haruka in her teacup

Haruka’s favourite ride — Teacups. Seriously, i have never rode the teacups before because i prefer the thrilling kind. But i rode this for 3 times that day!! OMG. But Haruka’s smile is all worth it.

My favorite ride ‘Kite Flyer’

I forgot to take a photo of all the rides so i got a screengrab of my favourite ride — Kite Flyer. It’s the ride that is so cooling under the hot sun and it’s so relaxing that you could fall asleep on it! Yeah, i did. (Haha)

So i rode this 3 times.


Taiko Performance

We were very lucky to be able to catch a Taiko performance at the event hall area. Taiko requires very high physical stamina because you have to keep moving your arms to keep the rhythm pumping. Despite playing for 30 mins, the players were all smiling. I’m very impressed!

Fast forward, we finished all the rides!! Yes, all!!

Something to reward ourselves for bearing the heat.

Strawberry & Jersey milk soft cream

Anyway, Hiruzen is a place famous for it’s milk — Jersey milk. You can find it in supermarkets but it’s rather pricey. If you go to the Hiruzen Kogen Centre, you can find all sorts of products made with this milk. I bought chocolates and milk chips as souvenirs for my friends. I really recommend you getting the chocolates as gifts because it comes in a big packet for just ¥300 (if i remember correctly) and it’s really different from the normal chocolates i have eaten.

But still, i can never miss a soft cream if i visit such places.  >.<

While we were leaving the joyful park, we caught sight of some cows in a meadow.


Mr Cow

I bet this cow produces ‘jersey milk’. I think i should get a cow of my own too so i could eat unlimited soft cream for free (Muahahahaha).


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